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Cre Loaded is an osCommerce integration project. It is not a 'fork' of osCommerce, but a modified osCommerce release with bugfixes from the osCommerce and CRE Loaded teams applied and many contributions made by community members added to a stable osCommerce milestone release - in the current release this is osCommerce 2.2 MS2.

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We are a professional web development company specialized in creating applications for increasing the productivity of your organization.

We also provide installation, setup, customization of CRE Loaded. CRE Loaded 6 or simply Loaded is it is more frequently called, is a version of osCommerce 2.2 MS2 which has been preloaded with a number of very useful extras to help e-merchants get their stores up and working faster, and keep them working more efficiently without the added hassle of having to add addtional modules to the store right away.

MindCrackers offers CRE Loaded customizations and Integration services. Any changes, additions, integration of new payment methods, shipping methods, changes in layout and structure, design, SEO, applying patches and security fixes can be implemented by MindCrackers Software Solutions in to CRE Loaded.